Weight Management, Part 1: “If You Do What You Always Did, You’ll Get What You Always Got”

I think a series on weight management is in store for today and the next few blog posts. Today’s topic revolves around a simple, effective, yet often forgotten quote;

“If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.”

Obviously, a statement that can be applied across multiple areas of life, but I’m talking about your food choices.

Consider what you ate in the last month. Hell, think back to what you’ve eaten for the past several months. Has it changed much?  It’s a frustrating and uphill battle for most, but I can tell you one trend I’ve seen consistently across the board when training weight loss clients; the ones who see the most success are the ones who are willing to step up and make the necessary changes with their food choices that they needed to in order to illicit fat loss. They are the ones who recognize that what they USE to do to try to lose weight did NOT get them to where they wanted to be, so they made a CHANGE.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Step 1: Realize that current strategy is not working to get you from point A (overweight, fat) to point B (ideal weight, toned, in shape)
Step 2: Identify the missing link between point A and point B. (HARDEST STEP!! This part may require soul searching and emotional/psychological considerations for many)
Step 3: Resolve missing link issue, unite point A with point B.
Step 4: Recognize that missing link may always rear its ugly head, but the resolve and connection the client makes with their desired version of themselves will lead them in the right direction.

The very first step is sometimes the most difficult for people to take, but it is by far the most essential. Recognizing what you are doing isn’t working, will allow the potential for change to occur. If this step isn’t taken, you’ll still be holding onto your “teddy bear” of false hopes, and consequently will prevent the full commitment necessary to make a positive change. So take the initial step of stopping the action that is getting in your way of where you want to be with your weight loss/body composition goals, and you’ll be suprised to see how much easier it is to embrace alternative strategies!

Stay tuned for the next post in the series!

Have a great Monday!


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