Metabolism Basics

I’m partial to Paul Chek because he’s a no-frills no-bs holistic health practitioner who has worked with world class athletes and everyone in between.

I like this 3 minute video of him speaking about spot reduction (hint: it doesn’t work, people), as well as covering the TRUE method behind optimizing your metabolism.

Pay close attention to what he talks about regarding the ability of the body to break down foods and whether or not it has the resources available to actually ALLOW the body to BREAK DOWN those same foods (right around the 1:25 marker).

Pay PARTICULARLY close attention to what he says about non-organic foods…in his words, “Garbage, nutritionally deficient, chemically laden, dangerous foods”. The point of this is, and he goes on to say, is that if you don’t have the Right Resources in your body to break down those nutritionally deficient, chemically laden, dangerous foods, then you will NOT be able to reverse the perpetuating cycle of weight gain.

(Right Resources = macronutrients/micronutrients that are all a part of a clean diet…aka, foods that are minimally processed, very few ingredients, all of which you should be able to pronounce very easily, organic products, meat/poultry/fish that is free range/wild, raw vegetables, raw fruits, nuts, seeds, and unsprouted grains… you know, the basics!!)

Good stuff, huh?

I love his book, “Eat Move and Be Healthy”.  It’s amazing the things that he talks about that seem so basic and simple, yet we still forget to apply them to our everyday life. Paul Chek has a lot of very valuable information regarding nutrition and dietary habits, and for $20, you can:

– Create a customized stretching program for yourself.

– Find out your own Metabolic Type, which lets you know which foods your body specifically responds to best.

– Figure out where your weak links are in your strength training program, while mastering primal movement patterns that we lose as we age.

– Upgrade your Badassery-factor to Kenny Powers status:

On a serious note though, Paul Chek gets a lot of respect in the industry, as he has been around the game for almost 30 years. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy for yourself and start applying a few of the principles… I already created my own stretching regimen and cleaned up my diet a bit more based off of his recommendations in the book, and within a week, felt the improvements in mental clarity, sleep quality, and overall energy levels throughout the day.

That’s all for today folks!


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