Behavior Changes (Part III)

Moving along, today we’ll cover #3 on the list of goal-oriented behaviors you can employ in your pursuits of achieving health/fitness greatness.  If you missed the first 2, take a peek at the links below:





Ahhh yes, the binding agreement. Look, I know it might sound silly to some, but if you write down what you’re trying to accomplish, make a statement before the dotted line at the bottom of the contract, it immediately becomes more powerful.  There’s something to be said about putting thoughts, statements, and/or ideas into writing that solidifies and puts things into perspective. Have you ever had so much on your mind that you had to get all your thoughts written down on paper? It’s pretty therapeutic.

Frankly, people should become more in tune with their thoughts anyway… after all our body’s are the antennas of our minds (thank you, Dio Miranda for that quote!)…your body will reflect your thoughts in one way or another… be it through disease, verbal communication, posture, muscle tension, body language, attitudes, morale, etc.

Think of all the many different thoughts that pop into your head in any given time frame.  These thoughts tend to occupy a lot of space in your head. What amasses is a bunch of backed up hoopla that can be characterized as brain constipation.  A whole lotta info with no way out, and without a trace of any specifics that are needed to know in order to accomplish them…. You know, important things like:

1) WHAT EXACTLY it is I’m trying to accomplish
2) WHEN will it be accomplished by
3) HOW I’ll get it done

So what can you do to get “un”backed up?  One helpful well is to make lists of those thoughts, outcomes, desires, actions, and vow to get them accomplished.  You could rank them by order of importance and come up with a game plan to execute.

The same goes for making habits out of goal-oriented behaviors. If you really want something accomplished, write it down, get specific, and, last but not least, SIGN IT.

Putting your signature on a document is symbolic on a subconscious level. It creates a binding agreement between you and the things that you are agreeing to comply with (in this case, your action behaviors to reach your goals). Most importantly, it AFFIRMS that you are committed to the tasks at hand, raising the significance and importance of those said behaviors to a new level. After all, you signed it!

Make the list, sign on the dotted line, affirm your commitment, dominate your goals.

Have a wonderful day!


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