• 8.5.2015 – The Healthy Mindset

    Hey all! I hope everyone’s summer is going well. It’s great to be posting to the blog again, and even greater now that you’ll have the chance to hear from not only myself, but also my fiancée and business partner, Rachel Cruz.

    (Here she is holding our then puppy-sized mountain dog, DK)

    Together, we will be covering topics that will benefit a wide range of individuals, from the deconditioned, injured, and/or beginning exerciser, to individuals who already exercise and are conscious of their health/fitness behaviors, to the sports performance enthusiast.

    For today, I want to cover the concept of the “healthy mindset”, why it is important, and how we can establish it.
    We’ve all seen the jacked, ripped dudes on the bench press throwing around serious weight in the gym, or the lean, toned women on the treadmills or in the squat rack building up a great sweat during a high intensity workout.

    Of course I had to throw a Ronnie Coleman video up. Light weight!

    We’ve also seen the runner on the trails that maintains high levels of concentration enabling him to cruise along effortlessly through their run, or the focus of a yogi in the park, seamlessly transitioning from challenging pose to challenging pose with great coordination and balance. On a similar note, we see (albeit usually much more rarely) the coworker who always packs a healthy lunch and several snacks to work on a regular basis. We also notice the individual ahead of us in the checkout line at the grocery store whose grocery bags are chocked full of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and plenty of nuts and legumes.


    oops. I mean…..

    A grocery bag full of healthy fruits and vegetables

    A grocery bag full of healthy fruits and vegetables

    There we go!

    And, we may be asking ourselves, “how come I have such a hard time with committing to a healthier lifestyle?” Or, “what are these individuals doing that I am not that enables them to look/act like how they do?” Or, “How much effort does it take to get to the goals I want? How long will it take? How can I establish healthy habits?” Or, “Who the hell is going to stop Randy Orton?”

    With all of the individual scenarios mentioned above, no matter the individual, there is a common thread that can be traced amongst all of the examples: they all have taken the time in their daily lives of establishing a healthy mindset conducive with their training/health goals. The breakdown of what that may be, and, more importantly, what that MEANS to that individual will vary drastically from person to person, and is dependent on what that individual is striving for. In my honest opinion, however, a healthy mindset is broken down into three key components:

    1) Creating a Starting Point
    2) Establishing an Objective, Measureable Goal
    3) Understanding and Actively Practicing Dedication/Diligence/Perseverance

    We will be covering in more detail what these entail and how you can relate it to your own personal experience over the course of the next several blog posts in my series. Stay tuned!


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