• 7/25 – Back in Business with an Upgrade!

    I’m baaaaack….with a vengeance! And I’m definitely impressed with the new site lay out! My website designer, Brian Stacey, did a fantastic job with the layout and all the updates. There’s still a few things to correct here and there, but we’ll smooth out the kinks soon. Feel free to explore around and leave a comment below on your thoughts. It’s only going to be getting better from here!

    Anyway, I figured what better way to kick off the week than a good solid Motley Monday post? It’s felt like forever since I’ve been blogging consistently, but its great to be back. So, without further ado, lets get on with the Motley Madness!

    For those who haven’t seen, I uploaded 2 new promo videos for Fitcamp training and One-on-One training. You can see them on my landing page, but I’ll post them here again for your convenience. Take a look and get a taste of what kind of workouts I like to do with my clients:

    not too shabby, huh? Aright onto the Motleyness

    First off, my buddy Brian St. Pierre had a couple great posts over the past week. One of these posts discusses the difference between consumption of white and brown rice, and its effects on the body. I bet you’ll actually be pretty surprised by the answer. I know I was. The 2nd one discusses a new initiative supported by Johns Hopkins school of Public Health, known as “Meatless Mondays”. You can find the blog post here. As you can presume, the goal of the initiative is to bring about awareness to individuals regarding the consequences of eating a high-meat diet: increased risk of cardiac disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. I really thought Brian had a great rebuttal to this “umbrella” statement, and I’ll provide a direct quote:

    “To support their cancer risk claim they state that diets high in fruits and vegetables may reduce cancer risk (which is completely true) and that both red and processed meat are associated with colon cancer. This is incredibly misleading. In reality these “associations” are poor, and in most cases when studies claim that red meat was associated with colon cancer, it is because the study did not separate out processed from unprocessed meat. So things like hot dogs, sausage, and other processed junk are being lumped in with a steak. This is a large confounder. Not to mention these studies definitely do not separate out conventionally-raised beef (raised on horrible diets, unsanitary conditions, loaded up with hormones and antibiotics, etc) from pasture-raised grass-fed beef. There is another tremendous difference. Find me a controlled dietary study where even conventional red meat causes colon cancer, let alone pasture-raised. Good luck with that.”

    Nuff said.

    Strength and Conditioning legend Mike Boyle had an amazing post on training as how it relates to farming…I VERY highly recommend that you read this if you’re one of those people that gets impatient with waiting to see results from an exercise program. Let me tell you this: training is NOT a sprint, it’s a freaking marathon, people. Strength training, and any type of fitness that you pursue in order to achieve positive changes in your body, be it aesthetics or performance-oriented, takes time. A LOT of time.

    You think Candice Michelle (the godaddy girl) looks as great as she does just by doing a couple body weight squats and sit ups 3x a week for 4 weeks? Nope.

    You think Chris Hemsworth from the movie Thor got his body from a couple weeks of curls and tricep press downs? Nope. I’ve seen what he kinds of exercises he does in his workouts, and guess what? It ain’t easy at all. Compound movements, pushing and pulling in all directions, sprints, etc. You can check it out here

    That’s all for today folks, have a great one!


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