• 8.5.2015 – The Healthy Mindset

    Hey all! I hope everyone’s summer is going well. It’s great to be posting to the blog again, and even greater now that you’ll have the chance to hear from not only myself, but also my fiancée and business partner, Rachel Cruz. (Here she is holding our then puppy-sized mountain dog, DK) Together, we will

  • Behavior Change (Part II)

    I wanted to continue with our series on behavior change you can implement to start putting your goals into actions. Last time we talked about how planning meals ahead of time leads to success with weight loss goals. For today, I wanted to discuss the all-oo-often-used excuse for not making your goals happen… whatever it may be,

  • Behavior Change (pt. 1) Meal Planning

    Healthy behavior change is one of those buzzword phrases in fitness, and one thing that is undeniably tied with it is meal planning.   For today’s post, I wanted to start a discussion on 5 behavior change habits you can implement into your health and fitness regime like, right now. Today we’ll cover meal planning. Let’s get